Monday, January 28, 2013

Often times, life offers up more questions than answers. Today, I would like to pose the question:

What if you were meant to love an unlimited amount, but it's the world that makes you choose?

I have been toiling with this idea ever since reading a poem by Adrienne Rich titled "For the Dead"
I dreamed I called you on the telephone
to say: Be kinder to yourself
but you were sick and would not answer
The waste of my love goes on this way
trying to save you from yourself
I have always wondered about the left-over
energy, the way water goes rushing down a hill
long after the rains have stopped
or the fire you want to go to bed from
but cannot leave, burning-down but not burnt-down
the red coals more extreme, more curious
in their flashing and dying
than you wish they were
sitting long after midnight
As I read the third stanza, I was suffocated all at once by a rush of assorted emotions associated with previous and current loves, even the loves that were to come.

Do we have an unlimited of love? Is there always "left-over energy?" Do our hearts contain an abundance of love? Will they ever run out of water?

We will never know for certain. For humans sake, I hope it is the second and I will spend my lifetime fighting to live by this truth.

Here's my attempt to explain it:

 Subconscious curiosity: yearning

Wondering, dreaming of possibilities.

It must have been the awkward space between

          Which our minds hoped to fill.


  1. wow that's a good (and deep) question but I like where you went with this. So beautifully written.
    you have a beautiful day pretty lady. And a great weekend!

    Morgan Ilg

  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Visit my blog to find out details :)